Want more than watching our Seminars? Want more than our Facebook Group? Medical Writing Network Coaching is your next best bet! Join us, learn from us, and the group! Live seminars 2x per month.

Group Coaching
Sometimes you want a little more....

The seminars not enough?  Our Facebook Group not answering your questions quickly enough?

You're wanting more direct HOW TO's, more coaching, hearing the challenges of others.

Medical Writing Network Group Coaching

Medical Writing Network Group Coaching
is for YOU!

Two LIVE SEMINARS per month
 Also posted in our REPLAY LIBRARY ONLINE so you can watch when you want.
Ask your questions before hand.  Get them answered.
We'll focus on career building, business building, and how to present and market yourself.
We'll have occasional EXPERT GUESTS to help out.

This is all about solving your issues, building you up.
We've done it ourselves, with help from others, and now we can help you.

Register Today!
Right here below.
Give yourself the BEST!

$39.95 per month.  No contract.

Bonus thru Tuesday November 15.
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and get 2 months of this Group Coaching** FREE.
Save $79.

**Group Coaching meets online 2 times per month,
and you can participate LIVE or Watch in REPLAY in our members' area.
We focus on business and career building techniques to move you ahead.

Live Seminars (and Replays) TWO TIMES per month. Join us!!
  • Group Coaching
    Include In The Package:
    Online sessions 2x per month. Live and Replay. Improve Skills - LIVE! $39.95/mo.
    Instructor: Jonathan Marx, MBA
    Just $39.95 Buy now!
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