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Which of these situations describes you?

  1. I'm new to medical writing. How do I start.
  2. I'm just starting and not getting the business I want.
  3. I feel stuck in my career. What should I do next?
  4. I have my own business and want more clients.
  5. I need to manage my clients better with policies.
  6. I want change and need guidance.
  7. Just help me, please!!

Jonathan Marx, MBA
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Who is Jonathan Marx?

Jonathan Marx can help you with a
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His experience spans senior executive experience in large corporations, leadership in business start-ups, in both communications and healthcare.
  1. 25 year Senior Executive Career in multi-media companies Viacom, TiVo, Yellow Pages and Internet Service Provider
  2. Business Startup Experience and Consulting in healthcare, medicine, CME and medical writing since 2001.
  3. Senior Vice President of InQuill Medical Communications, Medical Writing Training since 2010, and now the Medical Writing Network.
  4. He has been a trainer for the U.S. Centers for Disease Control since 2012.
Medical Writing Clients
Award Winning Medical Communications


Results You Can Expect

With his experience and success, Jonathan can quickly spot your strengths and areas to improve and get you on your way.
  • You're pursuing the career you want.  
  • You're building your business.  
  • Your finances improve.  
  • You have more time.  
  • You do more of what YOU want.  
  • Your life is more balanced.
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